Journery of frodo
Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (ISBN 0049120115) by Barbara Strachey is an atlas based on Middle-earth, published in 1981 by HarperCollins (UK).


This book contains 51 maps, of various scales, based on the original The Lord of the Rings maps drawn by Christopher Tolkien from his father's sketches. They are in landscape format, and depict physical features in black and contour lines for elevation in red. Routes taken by the Fellowship of the Ring on roads and paths are shown in black or red dashes; off-road routes are in red only. Arrows show the direction of travel, and dates and elapsed times (frequently provided in the books) are listed and told in red. Scales along the top and left of each map show the distance east/west and north/south from Bag End.

Each numbered map is accompanied by a description, in which the author describes the portion of the route indicated, often justifying her topographical decisions with quotes from the book. In some cases, Strachey points out discrepancies among the topographical descriptions, occasionally, for instance, altering the course of a road or a river on the grounds that it would otherwise be inconsistent with Tolkien's other descriptions of the terrain.

Christopher Tolkien refers to Journeys of Frodo a number of times in The History of The Lord of the Rings, often agreeing with Strachey's conclusions, but sometimes disagreeing.

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