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Ian Hughes portrays Irolas in the 3rd film Trilogy.
Also Known As
Late Third Age - ?
Peter Jackson's Film Trilogy and other media

"Long has he [Lord Denethor] foreseen this doom!"
Iorlas, at the Citadel of Minas Tirith

Irolas was a Man of Gondor and a Minas Tirith officer featured in the The Return of the King.

He appears on the high level (the Citadel) of Minas Tirith when the wounded body of Faramir is brought in with Gandalf, after Faramir's and his cavalry's attempt to retake Osgiliath again from the Orcs. His character was originally meant to portray Beregond, but his role was so small that Peter Jackson decided it was not worth it to keep that name. He is often seen as Imrahil.

Extreme ConfusionEdit

There is also a Minas Tirith guard called "Iorlas". In the subtitles, when a presumably dead Faramir is being brought into Minas Tirith by his horse, it says: Iorlas: Open the gate quick! This occurrence is correct. But earlier on in the film, when Irolas is making an announcement, it says: Iorlas: It is as the lord Denethor predicted! Long has he foreseen this doom! This is incorrect, as Irolas says this. Also, he is confused with the character Imrahil.

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