Imin was an Elf of Cuiviénen. He was best known as the first Elf to awake.


Imin was awoken in Cuiviénen by the divine will of Eru Ilúvatar in the Years of the Trees. Along with Tata and Enel, he awoke twelve other Elves which took him as their lord. From there he founded the Minyar which later was called the Vanyar. It is not known why he wasn't chosen as ambassador to Valinor nor why he didn't become his clan's first king. His fate is unknown but presumably he lived. His wife was Iminyë.


He was called Imin, the first.[1]

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  1. The History of Middle-earth, Vol. 11: The War of the Jewels, Part Four: Quendi and Eldar

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