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The Ice-Bay of Forochel was located north of Eriador and west of Forodwaith in the cold northern regions of Middle-earth. A strip of land called the Cape of Forochel extended into the bay from the northwestern side and ran south, creating a narrow entrance to the bay.

The bay was an southern inlet of a vast unnamed bay that led into the Great Sea. It was known to have frozen over during the winters.[1]


As far back as the Elder Days, before the destruction of Beleriand at the conclusion of War of Wrath, primitive tribes of Men known as the Forodwaith had lived around the shores of the Ice-bay. Their descendants, known as the Snowmen, or Lossoth, were still living on the shores of the bay during the Third Age and beyond.

It was here that Arvedui, last King of Arthedain, fled when his land was destroyed by Angmar. He was aided by the Lossoth until March of TA 1975 when, against their advice, he attempted to sail south on one of the ships of Círdan. The ship foundered in the heavy ices of the bay and he was drowned, also losing the Palantíri of the North in the process.[2]


Forochel is a Sindarin word that meant 'Northern ice'.[3]

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