Iant Iaur was a stone bridge in the eastern Beleriand in Middle-earth.


Iant Iaur was built in ancient times by the Elves of Doriath on the northern borders of their land. It crossed the Esgalduin, and led into Dor Dínen (Silent Land). At the time of its building, which was long before Morgoth returned to Middle-earth from his chaining, it was called Esgaliant. It was also called the Esgalduin Bridge. Later on in the First Age, the valley in which it stood, and the hills which lay to the north of Iant Iaur, became a place of horror and dread. After this happened, the bridge was not used very much at all. However, it was still there and intact, and it was called Iant Iaur.[citation needed]


Iant Iaur are Sindarin words that mean "Old Bridge".[citation needed]

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