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A Hunter Orc

The Hunter Orcs were a ruthless group of Orcs who served Azog the Pale Orc and followed Fimbul and Yazneg. The Hunter Orcs that roam the lands east of The Misty Mountains are a particularly aggressive kind of Orc. Wild hunters who don't really mind much what prey they're after—Hobbits, animals, men—they're not picky eaters. Mounted on hoards of vicious Gundabad Wargs, they can quickly cover and control large territories.

The hunter orcs do not speak common tongue but they speak an ancient orc language. Indicating they are proud of being orc and despise man.

The fast-moving and fanatical Hunter Orcs serve as the right hand of Azog, a relentless band who will stop at nothing to slay his quarry.

Appearances Edit

In the first Hobbit film Hunter orcs appeared while chasing Thorin's company near the hidden passage. They also appeared later when they trapped the company in a group of trees, only to be attacked by the great eagles. In the second film the Orcs first appeared while tracking the company over some rocks near Beorn's house. They also tried to capture the dwarves when they were escaping in barrels down the river. The hunters also attacked Bard the Bargeman's house and almost killed Fili, the wounded Kili, Oin, Bofur, Bard's son Bain and Bard's daughters, Sigrid and Tilda, but Legolas and Tauriel attacked and killed all the orcs except for Bolg. In the final film the Orcs were in the


army of Azog the defiler.

Known Hunter OrcsEdit


Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

The Hobbit film trilogyEdit

The unnamed Hunter Orcs are played by Frazer Anderwood and Joseph Mika-Hunt.

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