Howard Shore in 2010

Howard Shore in 2010

Howard Leslie Shore is a Canadian composer most famous for his film scores- among them, those of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. Born in Toronto, Canada on October 8, 1946, he studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Shore composed and conducted the entirety of the choral and orchestral music of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (manifested later in the Complete Recordings and the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). He viewed the three movies as parts of a whole and so created themes that are heard throughout them all, such as the ever-present Shire theme (Namely, the theme birthed in the track "Concerning Hobbits"). Working closely with Philippa Boyens, Fran Walsh, and Peter Jackson, he crafted a broad range of melodies to best capture the specific moods and cultures of each region of Middle-earth. The soundtracks were recorded in London, England with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Voices. He now tours the world conducting the Lord of the Rings' scores in his work: Lord of the Rings: Symphony in Six Movements. His works from Middle-earth have left him with many trophies: three Academy Awards for best original music score, An Oscar for the song "Into the West" (off the Return of the King soundtrack), as well as two consecutive Golden Globes- Best Original Score- for The Return of the King.

In 2010, Howard Shore confirmed that he would return to score both The Hobbit movies.

The Complete Recordings of The Lord of the Rings Edit

The Fellowship of the Ring Edit

  1. Prologue- One Ring to Rule Them All
  2. The Shire
  3. Bag End
  4. Old Friends
  5. Flaming Red Hair
  6. Farewell Dear Bilbo
  7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
  8. A Conspiracy Unmasked
  9. Three is Company
  10. The Passing of the Elves
  11. Saruman the White
  12. A Shortcut to Mushrooms
  13. Strider
  14. The Nazgûl
  15. Weathertop
  16. The Caverns of Isengard
  17. Give Up the Halfling
  18. Orthanc
  19. Rivendell
  20. The Sword that was Broken
  21. The Council of Elrond Assembles
  22. The Great Eye
  23. Gilraen’s Memorial
  24. The Pass of Caradhras
  25. The Doors of Durin
  26. Moria
  27. Gollum
  28. Balin's Tomb
  29. Khazad-dûm
  30. Caras Galadhon
  31. The Mirror of Galadriel
  32. The Fighting Uruk-hai
  33. Parth Galen
  34. The Departure of Boromir
  35. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1
  36. May It Be
  37. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2

The Two Towers Edit

  1. Aragorn’s Return
  2. Edoras
  3. Glamdring
  4. The Courts of Meduseld
  5. Elven Rope
  6. War is Upon Us
  7. Lost in Emyn Muil
  8. Theoden King
  9. “Where is the Horse and Rider?”
  10. The Host of the Eldar
  11. The King’s Decision
  12. My Precious
  13. The Battle of the Hornburg
  14. Exodus from Edoras
  15. Ugluk’s Warriors
  16. The Breach of the Deeping Wall
  17. The Forests of Ithilien
  18. The Three Hunters
  19. The Banishment of Eomer
  20. The Entmoot Decides
  21. One of the Dunedain
  22. Night Camp
  23. Retreat
  24. The Wolves of Isengard
  25. Master Peregrin’s Plan
  26. The Plains of Rohan
  27. Refuge at Helm’s Deep
  28. Fangorn forest
  29. The Last March of the Ents
  30. The Voice of Saruman
  31. Arwen’s Fate
  32. The Dead Marshes
  33. The Nazgul Attack
  34. The Story Foretold
  35. Theoden Rides Forth
  36. “Wraiths on Wings”
  37. Gandalf the White
  38. Sons of the Steward
  39. The Tales That Really Matter
  40. The Dreams of Trees
  41. “Long Ways to Go Yet”
  42. Rock and Pool
  43. Faramir’s Good Council
  44. The Heir of Numenor
  45. Ent-draught

The Return of the King Edit

  1. Roots and Beginnings
  2. Journey to the Cross-Roads
  3. The Road to Isengard
  4. The Foot of Orthanc
  5. Return to Edoras
  6. The Chalice Passed
  7. The Green Dragon
  8. Gollum’s Villainy
  9. Eowyn’s Dream
  10. The Palantír
  11. Flight From Edoras
  12. The Grace of Undomiel
  13. The Eyes of the White Tower
  14. A Coronal of Silver and Gold
  15. The Lighting of the Beacons
  16. Osgiliath Invaded
  17. The Stairs of Cirith Ungol
  18. Allegiance to Denethor
  19. The Sacrifice of Faramir
  20. The Parting of Sam and Frodo
  21. Marshalling at Dunharrow
  22. Anduril/Flame of the West
  23. The Passing of the Grey Company
  24. Dwimorberg, The Haunted Mountain
  25. Master Meriadoc, Swordthain
  26. The Paths of the Dead
  27. The Siege of Gondor
  28. Shelob’s Lair
  29. Merry’s Simple Courage
  30. Grond/The Hammer of the Underworld
  31. Shelob the Great
  32. The Tomb of the Stewards
  33. The Battle of the Pelennor Fields
  34. The Pyre of Denethor
  35. The Mumakil
  36. Dernhelm in Battle
  37. “A Far Green Country”
  38. Shieldmaiden of Rohan
  39. The Passing of Theoden
  40. The Houses of Healing
  41. The Tower of Cirith Ungol
  42. The Last Debate
  43. The Land of Shadow
  44. The Mouth of Sauron
  45. "For Frodo"
  46. Mount Doom
  47. The Crack of Doom
  48. The Eagles
  49. The Fellowship Reunited
  50. The Journey to the Grey Havens
  51. Elanor
  52. Days of the Ring
  53. Bilbo’s Song