Tolkien - House of Elwe (Thingol)

The Heraldic Device of the House of Thingol

The House of Thingol was a noble house of Sindarin Elves.


Thingol, originally called Elwë, traveled with his brother Olwë across Arda but in YT 1130, he went astray from his people and was lost in Nan Elmoth.[1][2] In this forest he met Melian the Maia of Varda and was entranced by her. He fell into a deep sleep and could not be found by Olwë and the Teleri. Some thousand years later, Elwë awoke from his trance and lived with Melian in Beleriand. He established the realm of Doriath and ruled over the Sindarin elves as Elu Thingol.[3]

In YT 1200, Thingol's daughter Lúthien was born in Neldoreth.[1] After the Quest for the Silmaril in FA 466,[4] Lúthien lived with her lover Beren of the House of Bëor. Thus was the first union between Elves and Men. They had one son Dior, who was called Heir of Thingol, and later King of Doriath.[5] Through Dior and his wife Nimloth, Eluréd and Elurín, and Elwing were members of the House of Thingol. Through Elwing, her sons Elros and Elrond were also members.[6]

The House of Thingol ruled over the realm of Doriath for well nigh four thousand years, from YT 1152 until FA 506 during the Second Kinslaying.[1][6]

House of ThingolEdit

Tolkien - House of Elwe (Thingol)

Dior Eluchil
Eluréd and Elurín


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