Gildor Inglorion, one of the most well known surviving members of the House of Finrod

The House of Finrod, no longer has a place that it can call home, and is mostly made up of Wanderers. During September of 3018 (Third Age) remnants of the House of Finrod found Frodo and Sam and helped them for the night. Gildor, who was among them, said he would help them and sent word to Tom Bombadil, Aragorn and Glorfindel. The members that talked to Frodo and Sam said they were waiting to go to the Undying Lands, so it is likely that they departed over the sea into the west.[1]

Origins (Speculative)Edit

The true origins of the House of Finrod have not been fully explained. Gildor said that he and his company were exiles and the only exiles known that could possibly be connected to Finrod, son of Finarfin, if indeed this means it is connected to Finrod Felagund are the Ñoldor exiled from Valinor. However, Finrod did not marry his lover Amarië until much later in Valinor so it is not possible for him to have had any sons or daughters in Middle-earth. Therefore, unless some family member came to Middle-earth from Valinor in later ages, perhaps to Lindon or Eregion, the House of Finrod cannot possibly have a direct blood relationship to Finrod Felagund of the First Age. Therefore, it is possible that the House of Finrod is either an honorary title or possibly the name of the House of Finarfin operating in Middle-earth.

Notable MembersEdit


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