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House of Finarfin

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House of Finarfin

Heraldic Device of the House of Finarfin

The House of Finarfin was a noble house of Ñoldorin Elves.


It was founded by Finarfin, son of Finwë, after his marriage to Eärwen daughter of Olwë in YT 1280.[1] The couple had four children: Finrod, Aegnor, Angrod, and Galadriel.[2] During the Revolt of the Ñoldor, Finarfin and household followed the House of Fëanor into exile. The Kinslaying at Alqualondë made Finarfin reluctant to journey further. At last, at the proclamation of the Doom of Mandos, Finarfin repented and turned back to Aman where he sued for pardon to the Valar. He returned, but his children did not come, thus the foundation of the House of Finrod in Middle-earth. In Aman, the High Kingship of the Elves was passed to Finarfin.[3]

The House is recognizable by the golden hair of its members due to their half-Vanyarin heritage from Finarfin's mother, Indis.

House of FinarfinEdit

House of Finarfin

{{Familytree |Finwë|~|Indis |_ ||,|-|^|-|.|_ |Fingolfin| |Finarfin|~|Eärwen |_ ||,|-|-|-|v|-|^|-|-|-|-|-|v|-|-|-|.|_ |Finrod||Angrod|~|Eldalótë ||Aegnor||Galadriel |~|Celeborn|_ ||||||||!||||||||||||!|_ |||||||Orodreth||||||||||Celebrían |_ |||||,|-|-|^|-|-|.|_ ||||Finduilas

Other versions of the legendariumEdit

In The Silmarillion, Orodreth was the second son of Finarfin. This is an editorial mistake and Orodreth is later changed as the son of Angrod, and father of Finduilas and Gil-galad


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