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House of Finarfin

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House of Finarfin
Heraldic Device of the House of Finarfin
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The House of Finarfin was a noble house of Elves.


It was formed in Aman during the Years of the Trees when Finarfin married and had children. When Fëanor vowed to pursue Melkor to Middle-earth and recover the Silmarils, reluctantly, Finarfin and his household followed him marching with the host of Fingolfin. But when the Doom of Mandos was proclaimed near Araman, Finarfin repented and returned to Valinor with his following and the Valar forgave him. Afterwards, the Noldoran high kingship in Aman passed to Finarfin and his house. The house continued in Middle-earth under his son Finrod where it became known as the House of Finrod.


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