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House of Fëanor

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House of Feanor
The Heraldic Device of the House of Fëanor.
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The House of Fëanor was a noble house of Elves.


It was formed during the Years of the Trees when Fëanor married Nerdanel and had sons. After the death of Finwë and the theft of the Silmarils, the house became dominate amongst the Ñoldor Fëanor, the only heir to the throne of the Noldor should have been its ruler, but with his early death and the rash and traitorous deeds committed by him the house did not rule the Ñoldor in Aman or Middle-earth. Instead, the overlordship passed to the House of Finarfin in Aman with the support of the Valar, and the House of Fingolfin in Middle-earth when Maedhros repented the deeds of father after being rescued from torment on Thangorodrim by his good friend Fingon. The house became accursed and dispossessed in exile with most all of its members being slain in the evil deeds committed in the name of their dreadful oath.[1] Despite the events of the First Age, the house did survive into the Second Age under the leadership of Celebrimbor, son of Curufin in Eregion until it was destroyed by Sauron in SA 1697.[2]


The symbol of the house was an eight-rayed silver star

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