Hirgon was an errand-rider of Gondor during the War of the Ring.


Hirgon was bidden by Denethor to bring to the King of Rohan a token of war. He rode to the camp of the Rohirrim at the risk of his own life to present the Red Arrow of Gondor to Theoden, the King of Rohan as a request for aid in their war against Sauron. After speaking to the king, he insisted on riding back to Gondor and Minas Tirith to assist in the struggle.

Hirgon was later found dead by the Riders of Rohan with his hand still grasping the Red Arrow, while on their way to Gondor.

He wore a riders' cloak of dark green over a coat of fine chain mail and a helm with a small silver star. When Hirgon was first introduced, Merry had nearly mistaken him for Boromir, as they are very similar in posture and appearance.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 賀剛


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