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High King of the Sindar

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High King of the Sindar was a title bestowed on the Sinda considered to be the highest respected authority amongst the Sindar in Middle-earth.

The title was held only by Thingol (Elwë Singollo), the King of Doriath, the most respected of all the Sindar as he had been to Aman and stood in the light of the Two Trees of Valinor. After Thingol's murder, his grandson Dior Eluchíl inherited the title and ruled there until the Sons of Fëanor killed him in battle during the Second Kinslaying. After his death, the title was vacant and although there were many respected Sindarin lords that will still live in Middle-earth, no other Sinda would command the same respect to have the title of "High King of the Sindar" applied to him.

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