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The High Elves were those kindreds of Calaquendi who answered the summons and traveled to Aman and settled there or descended from them were also referred to as High Elves, or Tareldar. It tended to be a term used by mortals, such as Men and Hobbits to distinguish the Ñoldorin exiles and other folk who left the Undying Lands and returned to Middle-earth from lesser Elves who had never been to Valinor.

High Elves tended to have considerable power, such as the ability to see Ringwraiths and other shadow creatures, and to combat such entities. Those of the Ñoldor race were often skilled craftsmen as well. However, the High Elves always longed to return to the Undying Lands, and most had sailed from the Grey Havens by the time of The Lord of the Rings.

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