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" Háma knelt and presented to Théoden a long sword in a scabbard clasped with gold and set with green gems"
The Two Towers, The king of the Golden Hall

Herugrim was an ancient sword, an Honour of the royalty in Rohan. It is at least five hundred years old. (When Gandalf and Aragorn point out the burial mounds outside Edoras, Legolas says, "500 times have the red leaves fallen in Mirkwood in my home since then." ) It was at last passed to Théoden, the last king of the second line of kings in Rohan; who won victory with it at Helm's Deep, and died with it in his hand on Pelennor Fields, outside of Minas Tirith, while aiding Elessar in his plight.

Under the influence of Grima's leechcraft, Theoden had entrusted the blade to Gríma Wormtongue for safekeeping, but Gríma hid it away and allowed it to rust. After Gandalf restored Théoden to himself, Hama the doorwarden found the sword locked in Grima's chest.

Film PortrayalEdit


Théoden, wielding Herugrim, after his curing.

In The Two Towers it is adorned with two gleaming horses' heads touching noses above the grip; the book describes it as "a long sword in a scabbard clasped with gold and set with green gems." Note that Theoden wields Herugrim in his left hand in the films.

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