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The following is an instruction of how to create a new article.
You can now use an all new rich text facility to Create an article.

Starting a new articleEdit

First see Help:New page for general help with creating any sort of page. Note in particular the recommendation to have a search to see whether there is already a page with a name very like the one you propose. Splitting pages later is easier than merging near-duplicates.

The best way to create an article is to see if there is a red link with the name you want, somewhere on an existing page (eg Special:Wantedpages). Click it if there is.

Signed-in users can easily combine article-creation with making a personal list of articles they have started. See the top line of User:Robin Patterson for the idea. Here's the code to add to the top of your User page:

<small>[[/My articles|Some of the articles I started or plan to start soon]]</small><br>----

Then on your new "My articles" subpage you paste or type two headings:
Under the former you paste or type (in double square brackets) the page name you want, save, then click the new link and off you go. Next time you are editing that page, move links from the "planned" category to the "started" category as appropriate.

If none of the above seem right in the circumstances, use this inputbox:

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