Helmingas wardens as depicted in the Third Age Total War game.

The Helmingas, named in honour of the powerful Rohan king Helm Hammerhand, are the traditional guardians of Helm's Deep, that area which encloses the Hornburg, the most important fortress in Rohan.


After Calenardhon became Rohan, the two outposts that guarded the Gap of Rohan, Isengard to the north and the Hornburg to the south, were still operated by descendants of Gondor. Eventually, Dunlendings took over the operation of Isengard, having mingled over the centuries with the traditional Gondorian wardens and their families. A similar situation occurred in the Hornburg, but instead of mingling with the traditional wardens of Helm's Deep, the newly settled Rohirrim were formally given the ownership of the outpost. The result was the Helmingas; those Rohirrim dedicated to garrison and maintain the Hornburg, and perhaps the only full-time soldiers in Rohan.[citation needed]

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