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Helm's Deep was the great stronghold of Rohan. It housed the guards of the Fords of Isen, but could be used in times of war as a sanctuary.

Geography Edit

The valley in front of the fortress was free over its entire width by the natural series of hills called Helm's Dike. Behind that lay the fortress of Aglarond or (as named later) the Hornburg, at the entrance to the

Glittering Caves. A long causeway wound up to the great gate of the fortress itself. Inside the keep there were stables and an armory, as well as a great hall in the rear which was dug out of the mountainside. There also was a great tower the top of which consisted of the great horn of Helm Hammerhand. The Deep, which stood next to the fortress, was barred by the long Deeping Wall, which consisted of solid rock twenty feet thick except for a small culvert which allowed water from the Deeping Stream to enter; this rendered a fresh supply in sieges of great length, though this small weakness would eventually prove to be the wall's undoing. Access to the fortress from within the Deep was made possible by a long stair which led to the Hornburg's rear gate, where there was a massive system of caves behind the fortress.


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Helms Deep besieged by the forces of Isengard

Helm's Deep was the largest fortress of Rohan, where the guards of the Fords of Isen lived. Originally named Aglarond, it was, along with Angrenost (Isengard), one of two Gondorian strongholds built to guard the Fords of Isen.

During the war with the Dunlendings under Wulf, the Rohirrim under King Helm Hammerhand and many of his people sought refuge in the keep, where they held out during the Long Winter of TA 2758TA 2759.

During the War of the Ring, the fortress guarding Helm's Deep again became the refuge of some of the Rohirrim, now under King Théoden, and the Battle of the Hornburg was fought there. It was during this battle that the Deeping Wall was destroyed by explosives.

After the War of the Ring, the demolished Deeping Wall was rebuilt by the people of Rohan, with the aid of the Dwarves.



The Walls are essentially the area of Helm's Deep that surrounds the entire fortress, which is used for reflecting enemy attacks during a siege. The Walls are made of solid rock and are almost completely impenetrable. However, there is one part of the Wall that is extremely vulnerable, which is only a drain.


The Armory is an area of Helm's Deep that is used to store, clean and repair weapons that the Soldiers use to protect the fortress. In the preparation for protecting the fortress against a full-scale siege, soldiers go to the Armory to get their weapons to defend the fortress.


The Causeway is a long section connected to the fortress of Helm's Deep, used as a road to separate the fortress from the ground. Soldiers can easily move from the land onto the Causeway, which will lead them to the Keep. During the Battle for Helm's Deep, the Orcs used the causeway to breach the Keep to effectively take over the fortress.


The Caves aren't actually a part of the fortress, but are a series of large hollow areas inside the mountain. A path is connected from Helm's Deep to the Caves, which is usually used for housing people who cannot fight, such as women and children, during a siege. There is a secret passage that leads from the caves to the mountains, in case the caves are reached by the enemy.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic هيلمز عميق
Albanian Kaskë Thellë
Armenian Հելմի կիրճ
Azerbaijani Sükan Dərin
Belarusian Cyrillic Хельмава Падзь
Bengali অরিত্র এর ডিপ
Bosnian Kormilo Duboko
Bulgarian Cyrillic Шлемово усое
Cambodian កាន់តំណែងរបស់ជ្រៅ
Catalan Gorja d'en Helm
Cebuano Timon nga halalum
Chinese (Hong Kong) 聖盔谷
Croatian Helmova klisura
Czech Helmův žleb
Danish Helms kløft
Dutch Helmsdiepte
Estonian Helmi Süvik
Finnish Helmin Syvänne
French Gouffre de Helm
Galician Abismo de Helmo
Georgian ჰელმის ციხესიმაგრე
German Helms Klamm
Gujarati હેલ્મ'સ દીપ
Hawaiian Helm ka Hohonu
Hebrew נקבת ההלם
Hindi पतवार की गहरा
Hungarian Helm-szurdok
Icelandic Hjálmsdýpi
Italian Fosso di Helm
Japanese ヘルム峡谷
Kannada ಹೆಲ್ಮ್'ಸ್ ಡೀಪ್
Korean 헬름 협곡
Latvian Stūre Dziļi
Macedonian Cyrillic Кормилото длабоко
Malay Helm ini Mendalam
Malayalam ചുക്കാന് ന്റെ ഡീപ്
Marathi प्रमुखपदी च्या खोल ?
Mongolian Cyrillic жолоо гүн
Nepalese कर्ण गरेको गहिरो
Norwegian Helmsdjupet
Pashto حېلم،س ضېېپ ?
Persian گودی هلم
Polish Helmowy Jar
Portuguese (Brazil) Abismo de Helm
Portuguese (Portugal) Abismo do Elmo
Romanian Văgăuna lui Helm
Serbian Хелм је дубоко (Cyrillic) Helm je duboko (Latin)
Sindhi سکان جي ديپ
Russian Хельмова Падь
Slovak Helmov Žľab
Slovenian Helmovo brezno
Swedish Helms Klyfta
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Abismo de Helm
Tajik Cyrillic Чанбараки кард чуқур
Tamil தலைமையில் ஆழமான ?
Telugu చుక్కాని యొక్క లోతైన
Thai เฮล์มสดีฟ
Turkish Miğfer Dibi
Ukrainian Cyrillic Гельмів Яр
Welsh Llyw yn Ddwfn
Yiddish רודער ס טיף
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