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The Havens of the Falas, also known as just the Havens, were coastal cities of the Sindarin Elves located in Beleriand during the First Age.


The Falas was the realm of Círdan the Shipwright and his people, the Falathrim. The two primary havens, girded with great walls, were Eglarest, built at the mouth of the Nenning, and Brithombar, to the north of Eglarest, built at the mouth of the Brithon.

During the First Battle of Beleriand, the Havens were besieged but the attacking orcs were ordered north to fight the Ñoldor in the Dagor-nuin-Giliath (Battle-under-Stars) the orcs, all attackers being slain. After FA 45, West Beleriand was ruled by from Nargothrond by Finrod Felagund, with Círdan as an ally. The Havens of the Falas survived until the later Battles of Beleriand until they were finally destroyed in FA 473. Some of Círdan's people, including Gil-galad, fled to the Havens of Sirion and the Isle of Balar, while others may have fled to Belfalas, where they founded Edhellond.[1]

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