The river Harnen (Southing in Westron) was a river south of Gondor.

It formed the southern border of the contested land of Harondor, south Gondor, and as such formed the southern border of Dúnedain influence. South of the Harnen lay the land of Near Harad.

A good 600 Númenórean miles long, it began in the Ephel Dúath of Mordor and then flowed southwest for about 350 miles, when it bent west and sped to Belegaer, which it entered in a wide delta.[1] The Great South Road into Harad crossed the Harnen shortly after it bent westwards. This road was used by Sauron's followers later in the Third Age.

At some point early in the 10th century of the Third Age, Ciryaher son of Ciryandil stormed across the Harnen with a large forced comprised of both land and sea components. His combined expeditionary force thoroughly routed the Men of the Harad, and the Haradrim were thereafter compelled to acknowledge Gondor's suzerainty over them. Ciryaher thereafter took the name Hyarmendacil — which meant "South-victor" — and as king was styled Hyarmendacil I.[2] Thus the river was deeply important to his royal career. Indeed, it can be divined by the name Ciryaher took afterwards that the river was, at least for Gondorians, an informal demarcator of "southernness".


Harnen is Sindarin, meaning 'South water'.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 哈爾南河


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