The Haradrim, known in Westron as the Southrons and once as the "Swertings" by Hobbits, were a race of Men from Harad in the region of Middle-earth directly south of Gondor. Before that, in the First Age, the Atani from whom the Haradrim descended were known as Black Men. A part of the histories of the Westlands is given to the fierce people who in the Second and the Third Age of the Sun, came from the hot deserts and forests of sunlands, which lay in the South of Middle-earth. These people were ruled by many and lords, until in time Sauron the Maia corrupted them and called them to war.


During the Second Age the Men of Númenor built a great city in the firth of Umbar, a vast natural harbour on the southern shores of the Bay of Belfalas, eventually turning the city into a fortified citadel from whose gates the Men of Númenor could levy great tributes upon many of the tribes of Harad.

For many years, the Haradrim were the greatest enemy of Gondor. Several times, they invaded the north. Finally, the Men of Gondor were able to capture Harad, though it was later freed. During the War of the Ring the Haradrim were allied with Sauron. A Haradrim warrior wounded Faramir. At the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, the 18,000 Haradrim were a great threat to the Rohirrim that had come to aid the people of Minas Tirith. During the onslaught a Haradrim chieftain, who bore the standard of a black serpent on a scarlet field, led the Haradrim cavalry. King Théoden of Rohan slew him in single combat.[3]

Once Sauron was destroyed, the Haradrim, Variags, and Easterlings disbanded from the Black Gates and out of Mordor, and became dispersed.


The name Haradrim means "South-people", from the Sindarin harad ("south") and rim ("host, group").[4]

Other names were Southerns, Southrons.[4]


Screen shot 2010-12-11 at 3.01.43 PM

A Harad spearman in The Two Towers

Their appearance is somewhat ambiguous, but The Two Towers gives a detailed description of a slain Haradrim warrior that Frodo and Sam encounter. He is described as having swarthy skin and black hair that is braided with gold. He wore a scarlet robe, as did the other warriors, and a gold collar. His weapon and armour are simply described as a sword and a corslet of brazen plate.


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An archer atop a Mumak, in the third film

The lands of the Haradrim lie to the south of Gondor past the river Poros. These hardy people lived in one of the harshest environments in Middle-earth. In the land south of Gondor, the sun beat down unrelentingly, cooking much of Haradwaith into desert.

Haradrim towns and cities presumably existed nearer to the coast where fish and sea trade allowed a more urban existence, as well as a haven for pirates and corsairs.

Military Tactics


Haradrim Decipher Card

The Haradrim are said to be skilled archers and horsemen. In battle, they usually drove their Mûmakil into the enemy's ranks, causing terror and panic; with their foes in disarray, the Haradrim then flung spears and fired arrows down upon them from the covered canvas frame atop the Mûmak. Usually this would be enough to rout their foe, but if not the main host charged in behind the great beasts, using their spears, swords and bows with bloodthirsty zeal. In The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, the Haradrim use Mûmakil to rout the forces of Rohan[citation needed]. As the Mûmakil were accustomed to and effective against cavalry[citation needed], this rout was initially successful[citation needed]. However, strategic use of bows and spears and the arrival of reinforcements (book) or Army of the Dead (movie) summoned by Aragorn eventually destroy the Haradrim's forces at Pelennor.

Future of Harad

Much of Harad's impressive army was wiped out on the expanses of Pelennor Fields, during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, in which Harad's forces amassed one of the greatest legions their land had ever seen, containing many thousands of men, all armed with bows, spears or the reins of the Mûmakil. With Sauron defeated, many Harad peoples sent emissaries to the court of King Aragorn, and peace talks began; however, many other Haradrim tribes continued hostility with Gondor.

Portrayal in adaptations

Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

In Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, the Haradrim are inspired by Aztecs and Kiribati tribes, according to the ROTK DVD's Weta Workshop documentary. Their bows, possibly of compound design, were made out of composite materials like antlers and wood and used bamboo arrows from leather or bamboo quivers. The apparent leader of the Haradrim force is killed in the film not by Théoden, but by Éomer.

Video games


  • In Chinese translation, Southrons is translated as "南蠻", which is an ancient rival kingdom near China.


Mumakil 2
The Mûmakil army at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in Peter Jackson's Return of the King
Desert Warrior
A Haradrim Spearmen
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A Haradrim Warrior
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A Haradrim Archer on a Mûmakil
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Haradrim Warrior in The Two Towers
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Haradrim Archer in The Two Towers
The Mûmakil Mahûd Leader in The New Line Film

Translations around the World

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ሓራድሪም
Arabic حارادريم
Armenian Հարադրիմ
Belarusian Cyrillic харадрым
Bengali হারাদ্রিম
Bulgarian Cyrillic харадримите
Chinese (Mainland) 哈拉德人 / 南蛮子
Chinese (Hong Kong) 哈化德林人 / 南蠻
Georgian ჰარადრიმ
Greek Χαραδριμ
Gujarati હરદ્રિમ
Hebrew חאראדרימ
Hindi हरद्रिम
Japanese ハラドリム (Haradrim)

南方人 (Southrons)

Kannada ಹರಾದ್ರಿಮ್
Kazakh Һарадрім (Cyrillic) Haradrim (Latin)
Korean 하라ᄃ림 ?
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Hарадрим
Macedonian Cyrillic Харадрим
Malayalam ഹരദ്രി
Marathi हरद्रिम
Mongolian Cyrillic Hарадрим
Nepalese हरद्रिम
Pashto حارادریم
Persian حارادریم
Polish Haradrimowie
Punjabi ਹਰਦ੍ਰਿਮ
Russian Харадрим
Sanskrit हरद्रिम्
Serbian Харадрима (Cyrillic) Haradrima (Latin)
Sinhalese හරද්‍රිම්
Tajik Cyrillic Ҳарадрим
Tamil ஹரத்ரிம்
Telugu హరద్రిమ
Thai หะระดริม
Ukrainian Cyrillic Гарадрім
Urdu حرضوید
Uzbek Ҳарадрим (Cyrillic) Haradrim (Latin)
Yiddish האַראַדרים
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