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Halls of Thranduil

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Halls of Thranduil
Halls of Thranduil - Entrance
As depicted in Peter Jackson's trilogy
Place in Arda
Realm Northern Mirkwood
Woodland Realm
Lord Thranduil
Type City-fortification
Lifespan Third AgeFourth Age

The Halls of Thranduil are great Elven Halls in northern Mirkwood, near the Mountains of Mirkwood.

Description and FeaturesEdit

The cave system was built in resemblance to the caves of Menegroth, in the ancient realm of Doriath where both Oropher and Thranduil once lived during the First Age.

Thranduil's Cavern
Thranduil's cavern
Old GraybeardAdded by Old Graybeard

The main hall, where sat the throne of Thranduil and where he questioned the Dwarves was enterable through the front gate and was very high and columned. Other caves were smaller and probably included various living quarters, storehouses and butler's camber. There were also various prison cells which at one time held Thorin and the Dwarves. As a river ran under the caves, there was a barrelroom and a portcullis which the elves used to float their empty barrels of Wine and foodstuffs.[1]


The underground cells
Pajas99Added by Pajas99

It is not known how old the cave system is but it may be older than Oropher's time. After his death, the realm came under the rule of his son Thranduil who would rule from then on. As the forest became dark and dangerous the halls became secretive and well protected dwellings.[1]

In TA 2941, Thorin and the dwarves were imprisoned here in the underground cells.[2]


As seen in the film
Mirkwood Peek 02
Entrance to the halls
Desolation - Mirkwood
The king's halls
Thranduils halls
Thranduil's halls as shown in the fan film The Hunt for Gollum
Halls of Thranduil - Interior
Inner Mirkwood Palace
Mirkwood Peek 04
Mirkwood's interior


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