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The Halls of Nienna was the dwelling place of Vala Queen Nienna on the west coast of Aman, looking out to the Ekkaia to the Door of Night.[1]


The Halls are presided over by Nienna, an Ainu. She is a Queen of the Valar, and is eternally concerned with the suffering of others. Therefore, she is always in a state of deep grief. She spends her time in her Halls, staring out to sea and weeping. As the realms ruled by the Valar reflect the ruler, the Halls can be thought of as a dreary, sad place but where one can learn the lessons of compassion and hope.[2] The Maia Olórin, the future Gandalf probably spent much there learning pity and patience.[3]

Notes Edit

  • The halls could be based off of Sin itself as the suffering of Nienna is similar towards the suffering of man.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 凱勒鵬
Dutch Hallen van Nienna
French Salles de Nienna
German Hallen der Nienna
Greek Αίθουσες της Νιέννα
Irish Gaelic Hallaí de Nienna
Italian Sale di Nienna
Japanese ニエンナのホール ?
Maltese Swali ta 'Nienna ?
Norwegian Haller av Nienna
Portuguese Salões de Nienna
Spanish Salas de Nienna
Swedish Salarna i Nienna


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