The Halls of Thranduil are great Elven Halls and capital city of the Woodland Realm in northern Mirkwood.


Thranduil's Cavern

Thranduil's cavern

The cave system was built in resemblance to the caves of Menegroth, in the ancient realm of Doriath where both Oropher and Thranduil once lived during the First Age.

The main hall, where sat the throne of Thranduil and where he questioned the Dwarves was enterable through the front gate and was very high and columned. Other caves were smaller and probably included various living quarters, storehouses and butler's camber. There were also various prison cells which at one time held Thorin and the Dwarves. As a river ran under the caves, there was a barrelroom and a portcullis which the Elves used to float their empty barrels of Wine and foodstuffs.[1]



The underground cells

It is not known how old the cave system is but it may be older than Oropher's time. After his death, the realm came under the rule of his son Thranduil who would rule from then on. As the forest became dark and dangerous the halls became more and more secretive and was well protected from intrusions.[1]

In TA 2941, Thorin and the Dwarves were imprisoned here in the underground cells.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Sale van Thranduil
Albanian Salla e Thranduil
Amharic ጥህራንዱኢል ውስጥ አዳራሾች
Arabic قاعات ثراندويل
Armenian Սրահներից Թրանդուիլ
Azerbaijani Thranduil'in zallarının ?
Basque Thranduil Aretoen
Belarusian Cyrillic Залы Трандуіл
Bengali ঠ্রান্দুইল হলসমূহ
Bosnian Dvorana Thranduila
Bulgarian Cyrillic Зали на Тхрандуил
Burmese ဌ္ရန္ဒုဣလ္ ၏ခန်းမ ?
Catalan Sales de Thrànduil
Chichewa Nyumba ya Thranduil
Chinese 瑟蘭督伊大厅
Croatian Dvorana Thranduila
Czech Haly z Thranduil
Esperanto Salonoj de Thranduil
Estonian Saali Thranduil
Filipino Bulwagan ng Thranduil
Finnish Thranduil hallit
French Salles de Thranduil
Frisian Sealen fan Thranduil
Danish Haller af Thranduil
Dutch De Zalen van Thandruil
Galician Salóns de Thranduil
Georgian დარბაზები თჰრანდუილი
German Hallen von Thranduil
Greek Αίθουσες του θρανδυιλ
Gujarati ઠ્રન્દુઇલ ના હોલ
Haitian Creole Sal nan Thranduil
Hausa Majami'un na Thranduil
Hawaiian Keʻena o Thranduil
Hebrew אולמות של ת'רנדויל
Hindi ठ्रन्दुइल के हॉल
Hungarian Csarnokok Thranduil
Icelandic Sölum af Thranduil
Igbo Nzukọ nke Thranduil ?
Indonesian Ruang-ruang Thranduil
Irish Gaelic Hallaí na Thranduil
Italian Sale di Thranduil
Japanese スランドゥイルのホール
Javanese Aula Thranduil
Kannada ಥ್ರನ್ದುಯಿಲ್ ಸಭಾಂಗಣಗಳಲ್ಲಿ
Kazakh Cyrillic Трандуила залдары
Kurdish سالۆنێن جی تهراندویل (Arabic script) Salonên ji Thranduil (Latin)
Korean ᄐᄒ라안두일 홀 ?
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Тhрандуил залдарында
Laotian ຫ້ອງການຂອງ ຕຫrະນດຸິຣ ?
Latin Atrium Thranduil
Latvian Zāles Thranduil
Lithuanian Salėse Thranduil
Luxembourgish Hale vun Thranduil
Macedonian Cyrillic Салите на Тхрандуил
Marathi ठ्रन्दुइल च्या हॉलमध्ये
Malagasy Ny Lalantsara' ny Thranduil
Maltese Swali tal-Thranduil
Mongolian Cyrillic Тhрандуил-ын танхим
Nepalese ठ्रन्दुइल को हल
Norwegian Haller av Thranduil
Pashto د سالونونه طهراندویل
Persian سالن های تراندوئیل
Polish Salach Thranduila
Portuguese Salões de Thranduil
Punjabi ਠ੍ਰਨ੍ਦੁਇਲ ਦੇ ਹਾਲ
Romanian Sali de Thranduil
Russian Залы Трандуил
Scottish Gaelic Tallaichean de Thranduil
Serbian Ходнике Тхрандуил (Cyrillic) Hodnike od Thranduil (Latin)
Sesotho Liholo Tsa Thranduil
Shona Dzimba dzose Thranduil
Sinhalese ඨ්‍රඳුඉල් ශාලා
Slovak Sály Thranduil
Slovenian Dvorane Thranduil
Somalian Hoolka of Thranduil
Spanish Salas de Thranduil
Swahili Kumbi za Thranduil
Swedish Salarna i Thranduil
Tajik Cyrillic Толорҳои аз Тҳрандуил
Tamil ட்ஹ்ரந்துஇல் அரங்குகள்
Thai ห้องโถงของ ธ ธรันดูอิล
Turkish Thranduil'in salonları
Ukrainian Cyrillic Зали Тграндуіл
Urdu ہالوں کے ترندوال
Uzbek Тҳрандуил залларида (Cyrillic) Thranduil zallarida (Latin)
Vietnamese Hội trường của Thranduil
Welsh Neuaddau Thranduil
Yiddish האַללס פון טהראַנדויל
Yucatec Maya Salas u Thranduil


Halls of Thranduil - Entrance
The entrance
As seen in the film
Mirkwood Peek 02
Entrance to the halls
Desolation - Mirkwood
The King's halls
Thranduils halls
Thranduil's halls as shown in the fan film The Hunt for Gollum
Halls of Thranduil - Interior
Inner Mirkwood Palace
Mirkwood Peek 04
Mirkwood's interior


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  2. The Hobbit, Chapter VIII: "Flies and Spiders"

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