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For the fan-based webzine for the Lord of the Rings RPG, see Hall of Fire (Webzine).
Hall of Fire

As depicted in The Lord of the Rings Online

The Hall of Fire was one of the many halls in Elrond's house at Rivendell. It received its name from the fact a fire burned continually in it. This was where Frodo first encountered Bilbo since their last joint birthday party in the Shire. It was also where he found out that not only did Bilbo know Aragorn, but they were friends.

Although the Hall of Fire was used during the day only for solitary contemplation, at night it was a gathering spot for all in Rivendell. Within its walls, many songs were sung and stories told.

Portrayal in AdaptationsEdit

The only adaption Hall of Fire appears in is The Lord of the Rings Online, where it is notable as being the place where Bilbo is constantly chatting with Lindir.

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