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The Gundabad Orc General served under Azog the Defiler, and defended Moria in the battle of Azanulbizar. There he fought with Dwalin, and was severely wounded, but survived. He would then serve in Sauron's stronghold of Dol Guldur.

The general's full appearance, armed with a scimitar


Orc General

The general clashing with Dwalin

Gundabad General

The general about to cut off Gandalf's hand

He has red hair, a tall stature of possibly 6'5 . He looks like Bolg, and initially was designed to be Bolg. He wields an Orc Scimitar and is strong and muscular.

In The HobbitEdit

In the The Hobbit trilogy he is first seen to be one of the many Gundabad Orcs that became known as Moria Orcs and fought against the dwarves in the Battle of Azanulbizar where he battled Dwalin and was badly injured. He and his fellow Guldur Moria Orcs went to Dol Guldur and was left to guard the prisons of Dol Guldur, instead of going to battle with the rest of the Orcs (where Gandalf is captive) and is the only Orc present. He is also given the duty of guarding and eventually killing Gandalf.

In the extended edition, it is shown that he brings Gandalf out of his cell to confiscate Narya from him and give it to his master. Gandalf attacked him with his own sword which he had not picked up at that time, but the orc only got hit at his chin and lips and spitted out his blood. In anger, he dragged Gandalf to a rock, picked up his sword and was about to cut off his hand when Galadriel came. Despite Galadriel's warning to not stop her, he stood in her way with his sword, and was destroyed in one wave of Galadriel's hand.

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