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The "Guldur Olog-hai" were elite warriors of Azog's Dol Guldur army in Peter Jackson's film The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. They were a type of Olog-hai originating from somewhere in the Misty Mountains, likely Moria or Mount Gram that had settled in the old fortress of Dol Guldur.

The larger, more deadly variants of these trolls have been nicknamed "Guldur War Trolls".


These more cunning relative of Trolls were used primarily in Azog the Defiler's Dol-Guldur army, directed to come out as soon as Azog called for "war beasts". They inflicted great damage upon the lines of Elves and Dwarves. When Orc regiments made their way to the ruins of Dale, some of these trolls joined them, climbing over the walls or smashing them down to gain access. One of these trolls was even given a stone headpiece to act as a battering ram to the walls of Dale. The smaller trolls with clubs rallied against Dain's forces but were stopped by Thorin and Company’s arrival from the gates of Erebor and they are all destroyed by the rallied dwarves. Some of these trolls survived until the end of the battle, still fighting on when the Bats of Gundabad arrived. But once the Eagles arrived, the remaining trolls either fled into the Were-Worm tunnels, or were eventually taken down by the combined allied forces.

A larger, armored "Guldur War Troll"


These trolls varied in size. Some were armored in the fashion of the Guldur Orcs, others unarmored. These trolls were intelligent, and kept formation with the orcs as they marched to battle. Most of them sword-like axes and long maces. Some used their bare hands to fight, and others spiky clubs. Larger trolls had scythe-like blades on both hands.


These trolls are only seen in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of the Battle of the Five Armies, and seen during the later portion of the battle, preparing to charge at a surrounded portion of Dain's army at the gate of Erebor. Six of these trolls were put to the front lines to attack, when Thorin Oakenshield rallied the dwarves and regained their morale, four of these trolls were killed by heavy spears, being lodged directly into their necks, killing them. The remaining trolls held their ground and smashed into the Dwarven lines, and later on, larger trolls took their place.

 "Stumpy" Edit


Bofur controlling "Stumpy"

The least fortunate of these trolls was dubbed "Stumpy" by the producers. He was albino, truncated at the limbs (chained flails replaced his arms, while wrecking ball-like maces were in place of his legs) and was born blind and eyeless. He had chains fixed from his eye sockets to a chair on his back that was controlled by an Orc driver. In the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, this large albino troll is seen smashing through both Elf and Dwarven lines, until he is hijacked by Bofur, and manipulated to fight against trolls and Orcs (unwillingly) on the way to Ravenhill, where he is ultimately killed by Legolas.

Trivia Edit

  • In the concept art book The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Chronicles: Art & Design, it is shown that the taller "War Trolls" were originally meant to have huge horns and spiny protrusions on their backs. An unused troll concept was the "Caber Troll", a horned troll intended to throw giant cabers (logs/trees) adorned with spikes and hammers into the allied army lines.