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Grinnah was a Orcs of Goblin Town who worked as an interrogator for the Goblin King during the Quest of Erebor. He appeared to be a significant member of the Goblin Army, as he directly reports to the Great Goblin when they capture Thorin and Company. However, Grinnah met his end when he was stabbed to death by Kíli.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Little was known about Grinnah's early life, but was born sometime in the Third Age in Goblin-town and became as an interrogator. Despite his loyalty with the Great Goblin, he secretly despised him.

In TA 2941, when Thorin and Company fell into Goblin-Town, Grinnah, along with a large group of Goblins captured them, took their weapons, and took the Dwarves to their master. Like the other Goblins, he too was offended when Balin cried out to their king that his song was an abomination. He told the Great Goblin about the Company's identification and where his group had found them, and was ordered to search their belongings as well as crushing Óin's trumpet in the process. Grinnah, during the search was surprised to find Elven objects in Nori's bag and suggested to his king that the Company had been in league with Elves (which were objects that Nori had stolen back in Rivendell).

Whilst the Orcs continued searching and the Great Goblin singing the town's torture song, Grinnah found Orcrist, wondering what sword it was, and when he opened the holster, he screamed and threw the sword aside causing the other Orcs including the Great Orc to cower over the weapon and attempt to murder the Company. When Gandalf arrives to rescue the Dwarves and they take up arms to fight their way out, Grinnah fought against Kíli, but the young Dwarf impaled him through the stomach.

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Grinnah revealed in every chance he would get to use his whip on the victims of Goblin-town. Although cunning and vicious, he was, like many Orcs, a coward at heart. As well as he was obsequious and fawning, he secretly loathed his master, the Great Goblin even though he payed respect and loyalty to him.

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Portuguese (Brazil) (Television/DVD) Fernando Mendonça
German Matthias Kupfer


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