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Grey Havens
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Location Western Middle-earth in Lindon
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Grey Havens or Mithlond was an Elvish port on the Gulf of Lune in the Elven realm of Lindon in Middle-earth.


Second AgeEdit

The Grey Havens was founded at the beginning of the Second Age by the surviving Elves of Beleriand, those who chose to remain on Middle-earth after the wars against Morgoth. It was afterwards used by the Elves to leave Middle-earth for Valinor. The Grey Havens was part of Lindon, the kingdom directly ruled by Gil-galad, last High King of the Ñoldor in Middle-earth. It was also one of the main sources for the Elven fleet of ships that sailed back and forth between Númenor and Eldamar in Aman.

According to the map of Middle-earth Grey Havens's anchorage is divided into the Harlond (the "south-haven") and the Forlond ("north-haven") which occupy the southern and northern banks, respectively, of the River Lune.

Because of its cultural and spiritual importance to the Elves, the Grey Havens in time became the primary Elven settlement west of the Misty Mountains prior to the establishment of Eregion and, later, Rivendell. Even after

The Grey Havens in the video games.

the death of Gil-galad and as the Elves dwindled in numbers by the year, The Grey Havens remained a focal point of the history in the northern part of Middle-earth.

Third Age and beyondEdit

Círdan the Shipwright was the master of the Havens since its founding; Galdor of the Havens, his messenger, was among the Grey Haven's known inhabitants.

Aside from Elves, Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins also went to Valinor from the Grey Havens, and a family tradition held that Sam Gamgee (having been himself a Ring-bearer, albeit briefly) did likewise, in the year 1484 of the Shire Reckoning. (Fourth Age 61) The Grey Havens still existed into the Fourth Age under Círdan but its population declined as did the elven presence in Middle-earth. It is unclear just what the Fate of the Elves of Middle-earth was in the early Fourth Age and how long Círdan or his remaining folk dwelled at the Havens and continued to build the great ships that carried the Elves to the Blessed Realm.[1][2]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Video gamesEdit

Siege of MithlondEdit

Grey Havens 01

The Elvish sea port.

While Grey Havens was never actually attacked, it would likely have been by Sauron as a result of hatred if not a strategic plan. The Campaigns of The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II features Grey Havens as a potential battleground between the Elves and Goblins. In the Good campaign, Glorfindel and Gloin heroically lead an army of Elves to fend off the Corsairs of Umbar and Goblins invading the shoreline, with help from the dwarves later on. This signals the end of any significant Goblin attacks. The Evil Campaign features Gorkil the Goblin King with his army of Goblins and Corsairs destroying Mithlond once and for all.

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