Map of the Shire from lord of the rings

Greenholm located on this map of The Shire.

Greenholm was a town located in the Far Downs on the border of the Westfarthing in the Shire.

The Great East Road ran through the town and was about sixty miles from the Tower Hills (Emyn Beraid) to the west and nearly forty miles from Michel Delving to the east.

History Edit

The exact date of its founding is not known but presumably after the founding of the Shire in TA 1601 (SR 1). The town is best known for being the home of Fastred who later married Elanor the Fair, the daughter of Samwise Gamgee and founder of the Fairbairn family. He and his wife later moved to the base of the Tower Hills during the early Fourth Age and founded the Undertowers, the seat of the Wardens of the Westmarch of which Fastred was the first.

References Edit

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