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Belegaer map

A map of Belegaer in the First Age.

Belegaer, which was also known as the Sundering Seas or the Great Sea, was the sea of Arda that which lay west of Middle-earth.


Prior to the Second Age, Belegaer stretched from the Gap of Ilmen in the far north, to where it connected to Ilmen and froze in the far south. Belegaer was more narrow in the north than in the south, with its widest part located near the Girdle of Arda.

The full extent of Belegaer after the Akallabêth is never made clear, but it reaches far enough to the north to be ice-covered, and far to the south. Belegaer corresponds with (and is intended to be) the Atlantic Ocean and is perhaps of comparable width.

The name is Sindarin, and has the elements Beleg or Might and Aer or Eär, an element meaning Sea which is also present in the name Eärendil. The Quenya name of Belegaer, never used in published writing, is Alatairë.

Before the end of the Second Age, the continent of Aman, home of the Valar, formed the western edge of Belegaer. Before the ruin of Beleriand at the end of the First Age, the sea was narrow and ice-filled in the north, forming the strait of Helcaraxë, the Grinding Ice. It was thus possible to cross from Aman to Middle-earth on foot, though with difficulty, as did Fingolfin and his people of the Ñoldor when fleeing Valinor.

After the War of Wrath, the Belegaer was widened by the drowning of a large part of Middle-earth, and possibly parts of Aman. The Bering Strait-like bridge of ice in the north was removed, removing land access to the western continent. During the Akallebêth in the Second Age, the seas were "bent" and the world was made round. Aman was removed from the world to another dimension, Belegaer washed "new lands", and only the chosen could find the "Straight Road" to Valinor. The new western end of Belegaer is never described in the narrative, although there are indications that Númenórean refugees reached them in search for Valinor. The "new lands" have been compared before to the North America by fans, although Tolkien himself never indicated if that was true or not.

Notable dwellingsEdit

Belegaer has and had several islands and island chains:

Other features of Belegaer:

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Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic በለጋአር
Armenian Բելեգաեր
Arabic بيليعاير ?
Belarusian Белегаер
Bengali বেলেগাএর
Bulgarian Белегаер
Chinese (Hong Kong) 貝烈蓋爾海
Dari بهلهگاهر
Georgian ბელეგაერ
Greek Βελεγαερ
Gujarati બેલેગ​એર
Hindi बेलेग​एर
Kazakh Белегаер
Kurdish به‌له‌گاه‌ر
Kyrgyr Бэлэгаэр
Macedonian Белегаер
Mongolian Белегаер
Nepali बेलेग​एर
Pashto بېلېګاېر
Persian بهلهگاهر ?
Russian Белегаэр
Sanskrit बेलेग​एर्
Serbian Белегаер (Cyrillic) Belegaer (Latinised)
Sinhala බෙලෙගැර්
Tajik Белегаер
Tamil பெலெக​எர் ?
Telugu బెలెగ​ఎర
Tigrinya በለጋአር
Ukrainian белегаер
Urdu بےلےگاےر ?
Uyghur بەلەگاەر
Uzbek Белегаер (Cyrillic) Belegaer (Latinised)
Yiddish בעלעגאַער

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