The Great Hall of Thingol was a large pillared hall in the underground city of Menegroth. The hall was the city's largest, and within was the throne of Thingol.[1]


The hall was most likely elegantly decorated with floors of marble, stones of many different colors, pillars done in the likeness of the great Beeches of Oromë with carvings of many different figures that sometimes climbed up them like vines. There were also tapestries that Melian and her maidens made which were no doubt hung here, depicting the deeds of the Valar, and the many things that had befallen the world since its marring by the shadow.[2]


The hall probably dates back to the completion Menegroth in the long years before the rising of the sun. It is where Beren was presented to the king to receive his judgment[3] and where Túrin had spent much of his time during his fosterage by the king.[4]


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