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Gorin was the king of the dwarven delveng of Nordinbad (one of the locations in the video game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, a mountain peak lying somewhere high in the wintry peaks of the Grey Mountains), during the War of the Ring. He is a character encountered in the video game, and is the father of Nordri.


After Eradan of the Dunedain, Farin of Erebor, and Andriel of Rivendell rescued Nordri and his friend Bruni at the orc staging ground of Mount Gundabad, they return to Nordinbad astride the Great Eagles: Beleram, Armenel, and Baranthor.

The three heroes speak with Gorin, who thanks them for bringing Nordri back alive and destroying the orcs at Gundabad. He informs the heroes that their enemy Agandaur came before Nordinbad and offered a parley under his master Sauron. They warded him off, and Agandaur swore he would return and a fiery doom would descend upon them, which they all feared he referred to Urgost the dragon. Gorin also informs them that no one knows where the dragon dwells, but they could find out by seeking out Radagast the Brown in Mirkwood. Before the trio head out for Mirkwood, Gorin offers them gifts from his steward Galar.

Later on, Nordinbad is under attack by Agandaur's army. Once again, Eradan, Farin and Andriel save the dwarves and repel their enemies. They emerged victorious, but at a cost: Beleram was badly hurt, and Gorin promised them his people would care for him dearly.

The three heroes tell him of their visit to the dragon's lair, and tell him of their "arrangement." They tell Gorin that if they destroy Agandaur, then they'll hand Urgost over his fortress: Carn Dûm, the former dark fortress of the Witch-King of Angmar.

It is revealed later on that Gorin and his people let Beleram go and aide his friends at Carn Dum when he felt strong enough to go after them.

When Agandaur was defeated and Sauron destroyed, Nordinbad was saved as well as all Middle-Earth.[1]


Gorin is an old dwarf with white hair and white beard. His skin is rough and wrinkled. He also has brown eyes, and like any dwarf, his nose is plump. Gorin's clothing is blue, with a red cloak, yellow scaled armor underneath his cloak, and he wears a yellow crown.


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