Gorhendad Brandybuck was a Hobbit of the Shire and the eleventh Thain of the Oldbuck line, as well as being the first Master of Buckland.


Gorhendad led the colonization of Buckland in TA 2340 (SR 740), and renamed himself to Brandybuck. He built (and excavated) Brandy Hall and his new family name and title led him and his family to great wealth and prestige. He was the father of Gormadoc, who succeeded him as Master of Buckland.[1]


His Westron name was Ogmandab Zaragamba, which means "great-grandfather".[2]

Thain of the Shire
Preceded by
Bucca of the Marish
Gorhendad (Oldbuck) Brandybuck Succeeded by
Isumbras Took I
TA ? – TA 2340
Master of Buckland
Preceded by
None; first of the line
Gorhendad (Oldbuck) Brandybuck Succeeded by
Gormadoc "Deepdelver" Brandybuck
TA 2340 - Third Age; precise date uncertain


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