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Gorganog's dead body.

Gorganog was an Moria Orc chieftain in the service of Sauron.

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Born of HopeEdit

At the advice of fellow chieftain Shaknar, Gorganog attacked the village were the Rangers of the North and the Dúnedain were living with an Orc band and his band was responsible for many deaths. Despite his cruelty he showed no fear when he challenged the leader of the men, Arathorn, to a duel. Arathorn, in a desperate attempt to save his family, stabbed Gorganog and let the Orc fall. Gorganog however faked death and tried to kill Arathorn only for his enemy to cut his face with a sword, while Shaknar and Gorganog's Orc band escaped in the forest. [1]




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