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The Golden King and palanquin bearers.

The Golden King of Harad was the lord of the merchant city of Abrakhân, located on the crossroads of the Great Harad Road.


The Golden King wore a golden mask and a deep blue and purple robe. On his back he wore a large banner of the Eye of Sauron and patterns of Abrakhân. He carried a large two handed blade and rode on a palanquin carried by two guards.

The CityEdit

Abrakhân is one of the wealthiest cities in all of Middle-earth, being on a very important trade route between Gondor and Umbar. The colours of Abrakhân consisted of rich blues, purples and golds. The banner of Abrakhân is a golden scorpion on a deep blue.

The armies of the city are generally better armed and presented than other Haradrim tribes. The defences of Abrakhân are large sturdy walls of stone. If the walls were to fail, the enemy would need to manoeuver through the winding streets of the city, and from the roof tops, arrows would whistle down to the unwary pray below. If by the smallest chance they reach the inner sanctum of the city, the Abrakhan guard would quickly dispose of any survivors. Only once has Abrakhân ever fallen to siege, back in the Khandish raids.


The Golden King rarely showed himself in battle, instead sending chieftans in his place. The Golden King likewise tended to ignore affars beyond his city. When in war, the Golden King preferred to remain at the rear of his force, giving a commanding presence to his troops. Few people saw beneath the golden mask, and those who did see it did not live to tell the tale.


The Golden King was first released by Games Workshop in October 2009 along with a three pack blister of Abrakhân Guard.