Gelmir was a Ñoldorin Elf of Nargothrond; son of Guilin and brother of Gwindor.

He is most remembered as the Elf whose murder initiated the Nírnaeth Arnoediad.


Gelmir was a Ñoldor Elf from Nargothrond and the brother of Gwindor. Gelmir was captured during the Dagor Bragollach and brought to Angband where he was tortured and blinded. He was enslaved there for seventeen years until the Nírnaeth Arnoediad where he was executed.

Before fighting broke out, Morgoth used him as bait to draw out the Orodreth's forces. His Orcs dragged him in front the army of Nargothrond so that his people could see him die a horrible death. The Orcs chopped off his arms and legs and left him to die slowly of his wounds within sight of his of loved ones. Gwindor and his fellow soldiers were so enraged by this act that they charged after them too soon putting Morgoth's forces at an advantage.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጘልሚር ?
Arabic جيلمر
Armenian Գելմիր
Belarusian Cyrillic Гелмір
Bengali জালমির
Bulgarian Cyrillic Гелмир
Burmese ငေလ္မိရ္ ?
Chinese (Hong Kong) 吉爾墨
Dari گهلمیر ?
Georgian გელმირი
Greek Γελμιρ
Gujarati ગેલ્મિર
Hebrew גילמיר
Kannada ಗೆಲ್ಮಿರ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Гелмір
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Гэлмир
Macedonian Cyrillic Гелмир
Marathi गेल्मिर
Mongolian Cyrillic Гелмир
Nepalese गेलमिर
Pashto ګېلمیر
Persian گهلمیر ?
Punjabi ਗੇਲ੍ਮਿਰ
Russian Гельмир
Serbian Гелмир (Cyrillic) Gelmir (Latin)
Sinhalese ගෙල්මිර්
Tajik Cyrillic Гелмир
Tamil கெல்மிர்
Telugu గెల్మిరః
Ukrainian Cyrillic Ґелмір
Urdu گالمیر
Uyghur غەلمىر
Uzbek Гелмир (Cyrillic) Gelmir (Latin)
Yiddish געלמיר


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