This article refers to the place in Aman. For other namesakes, see Lórien (disambiguation).

The Gardens of Lórien were the home of Irmo and his wife Estë, located in Lórien in the land of Valinor.


Irmo, the Vala who was also referred to as Lórien, dwelt far from Valmar though still within Valinor. His dwellings were built south by the feet of the mountains of Valinor, upon the confines of the realm. Aulë had made Lorien's halls of mist gathered beyond Avathar upon the Shadowy Seas. His hall was great and dimly lit and had wide gardens which wandered marvelously about, winding near to the feet of Telperion whose shining lit them. The gardens were full of labyrinths and mazes, for Yavanna had given Lórien a great wealth of yew trees and cedars, and of pines that exuded drowsy aromas in the dusk, and these hung over deep pools. Bright glowworms crept about their borders and Varda had set stars within their depths for the pleasure of Irmo. His Maiar sang wonderfully in these gardens and the scent of nightflowers and the songs of sleepy nightingales filled them with great loveliness. There too grew the poppies glowing red in the dusk, and those the Valar called Fumellar; the flowers of sleep. In the middle of his gardens was set a ring of shadowy cypress reaching high above the cauldron Silindrin where Irmo, gazing upon it, saw many visions of mystery pass upon its face. In the gardens were also a lake called Lorellin, and in the lake was an isle whereupon Estë slept.

Being the most beautiful place in Arda, the Gardens of Lòrien were set upon a unique natural background containing forest groves, flowers, silver willows, fountains, and lakes; the overall color scheme seems to have been silver. Within the Gardens was Lorellin, the tree-shadowed lake where, on a small island at its center, sleeps Estë. Not far from its shores is a small dwelling. It is considered a place of healing, rest and refresh and many, Valar and Elf alike come there to relax from the cares or burdens of the world. There are also many spirits loose upon the gardens.

Here lay the body of Míriel, the first wife of Finwë, and for a time he came frequently to see her here.

Gandalf originally lived here, as did Melian before she became Queen of Doriath.

Notes Edit

  • Tolkien may have based the garden of Lorien off the garden of Eden mentioned in the bible, which was full of many different types of trees and was very beautiful similar to the Garden of lorien
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