Map - Gap of Rohan
Gap of Rohan
Background Information
Type Region
Location Between Misty Mountains and White Mountains
Other Information
Other names Gap of Calenardhon
Spoken Languages

The Gap of Rohan is the opening between the mountain ranges of the Misty Mountains and the White Mountains.[1]


Through the Gap of Rohan flowed the rivers Isen and Adorn, which formed the effective boundary of the Kingdom of Rohan. Rohan was formerly known as Calenardhon, and thus the Gap was then known as the Gap of Calenardhon. The triangle between the Isen and Adorn rivers and the White Mountains was a contested area between the Rohirrim and the Dunlendings.

The ancient Great Road which connected the realms of Gondor and Arnor of old ran through the Gap, crossing the Isen at the Fords of Isen.

Access to the Gap was controlled by the fortress of Angrenost, or Isengard, which in the later Third Age was controlled by Saruman.

During the War of the Ring, the Fellowship of the Ring chose not to travel through the gap because they had learned Saruman was in league with Sauron, and instead passed through Moria, much to the frustration of Boromir, who had proposed that turning back towards the gap would be the best option after witnessing Moria's destruction.

The Rohirrim fought a number of battles against the Dunlendings and the orcs of Saruman in the gap, during one of which Prince Théodred, son of Théoden, was mortally wounded.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Video gamesEdit


The Gap of Rohan in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Arabic فجوة روهان
Armenian Գապ ոֆ Րոհան
Basque Rohango Hutsune
Bengali রোহান এর শূন্যস্থান
Catalan Pas de Rohan
Chinese (Hong Kong) 洛汗之隘
Croatian Jaz Rohana
Czech Mezera Rohan
Dutch Kloof van rohan
Esperanto Breĉo de Rohan
Finnish Rohanin aukko

Passe de Rohan

German Pforte von Rohan
Greek χάσμα του Ροηαν
Haiti Creole Espas de Rohan
Hebrew הפער של רוהאן
Hindi रोहन का गैप
Hungarian Rohan Kapuja
Indonesian Celah Rohan
Italian Breccia di Rohan
Irish Gaelic Bearna de Rohan
Japanese ローハンのギャップ
Kannada ರೋಹನ್ ಗ್ಯಾಪ್
Latvian Rohan Plaisa
Norwegian Rohansvelget (Werenskiold tr.)
Rohansgapet (Bugge Høverstad tr.)
Persian گذرگاه روهان
Polish Szczelina Rohanu
Portuguese (Brazil) Desfiladeiro de Rohan
Punjabi ਰੋਹਨ ਦੇ ਪਾੜੇ
Romanian Decalaj de Rohan
Serbian Рохански Пролаз (Cyrillic) Rohanski Prolaz (Latinised)
Sinhala රොහාන් ගැප්
Slovenian Vrzel Rohan
Spanish Paso de Rohan
Swahili Pengo la Rohan
Tamil ரோஹன் இடைவெளியை
Welsh Bwlch o Rohan
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  1. The Atlas of Middle-earth, Regional Maps, "Wilderland"

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