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Galadhrim Warriors

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The Galadhrim warriors at Helms Deep.

The Galadhrim Warriors were the royal guard of Lothlórien. They were elite elven troops armed with swords and longbows. They protected the capital city of Caras Galadhon. They had weapons of a better quality than those of the outer guards. They might have been founded by Galadriel and Celeborn.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Armas Elficas

Weapons used by the Galadrhim in the New Line Cinema film.

In the film the Galadhrim were led by Haldir. In The Two Towers, Galadriel and Celeborn persuaded Elrond that the Men of Rohan, and the race of Men in general, should not be abandoned in their hour of need. With Elrond's permission, Haldir rallied a force of two hundred Elves of Lothlórien to join him, and together they marched to Helm's Deep bearing the banners of their Lady Galadriel, arriving just ahead of Saruman's approaching Uruk-hai army.

The elves' involvement in the defense of the Glittering Caves proved critical in delaying the enemy; as their superior archery and sword skills enabled them to defend the Deeping Wall for a long time. Otherwise, the Rohirrim did not have sufficient manpower to cover all of the Hornburg's fortifications and hold out long enough, being forced to supplant their ranks with boys and old men. The elves' sacrifice bought enough time for Gandalf, Eomer and the two thousand mounted Rohirrim horsemen to arrive and turn the tide of the battle.

But the price that the elves paid was high indeed: most of them who left Lothlórien including Haldir were slain in the battle. They were buried by the Men of Rohan with honor in the land of their allies. Only a few returned to accompany their kin on that final journey to the Undying Lands.

In Tolkien's original books, Lórien could not spare any forces to help the other kingdoms against Sauron. Lórien barely survived three assaults from Dol Guldur, and so this allegiant move of the Elves did not happen.

They were armed with two handed elven swords, longbows of the Galadhrim and high quality armor and robes.


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