Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger was one of the small group of Hobbits who knew that Frodo had the Ring. Fatty was a descendant of Hildibrand Took (TA 2849 - TA 2934), one of the many sons of the Gerontius Took. He was the son of Odovacar Bolger and Rosamunda Took. Fatty was born in TA 2980.

He had a younger sister, Estella (TA 2985 - ?), who married Meriadoc Brandybuck.


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Fatty runs from the Nazgûl.

Fatty, along with Folco Boffin, Sam, Merry and Pippin is one of Frodo Baggins's friends, and helped move his things from Bag End to his new home at Crickhollow. There, he and Merry welcome Frodo, Sam and Pippin when those three arrive from Bucklebury.

When Frodo and the rest set out to take the Ring to Rivendell, Fredegar stayed behind at Crickhollow in an attempt to keep up appearances and delay news of their departure. He was frightened half out of his wits by the arrival of the Nazgûl but escaped unharmed. Fredegar could have gone with Frodo and his companions into the Old Forest, but was terrified of the stories about it. Though Merry tried to persuade him that the Old Forest would be nothing compared to meeting the Ringwraiths, Fatty was adamant, so the other Hobbits went into the forest with only the knowledge of Merry to aid them. Soon while Frodo and his other friends left Fatty stayed to make Frodo seem like he hadn't left. Then on September the 30th Fredegar was attacked by Nazgûl and ran to the nearest house and raised the Horn-call of Buckland and so the Nazgûl left.

During Saruman's rule of the Shire he led a group of partisans fighting against the Ruffians around the Hills of Scary, before eventually being captured. He and his sons were imprisoned in the Lockholes and starved, meaning that after his release nobody could call him Fatty any more.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In earlier drafts of The Lord of the Rings Fatty Bolger played a much larger role, but this was later abandoned. His role survives as a minor anomaly in the book — before the Hobbits go into the Old Forest, they have five ponies prepared — but only take four. Bolger was originally supposed to go with them.

It might be argued that Fredegar Bolger is the least heralded but perhaps the most significant of all the heroes of the War of the Rings: by delaying the Nazgul just slightly, he may well have turned the whole course of the War in favor of the West away from Sauron.... and for his heroism is starved in the Lockholes.

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Fatty Bolger cheering when Bilbo screams “Bolgers!”

Small appearance in the movie

In the extended edition of the Fellowship of the Ring, there is a brief clip of Bilbo greeting Fatty Bolger, however, they do not show his face, and the clip is very brief. Some minutes later he appears again, cheering as Bilbo shouts his name. Though it is not confirmed that the hobbit cheering was Fatty, it is likely, as his appearance is very similar to that of the Fatty Bolger Bilbo greeted.

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