Fram was the son of Frumgar and the fifth Lord of the Éothéod.


Fram and his people lived in the far northern part of the Wilderland just below the Grey Mountains (Ered Mithrin) in mid-Third Age. He was most famous for slaying the evil worm Scatha, a Cold-drake, in TA 2000. Afterwards he claimed the dragon's treasure horde which the dwarves believed rightfully belonged to them. Knowing this, he sent back to them a necklace made from the teeth of Scatha along with a message that the dwarves found insulting. This may have started a war between the two peoples that may have been Fram's demise.

He may have also founded the Éothéod capital of Framsburg.[1][2] [3]

Lord of the Éothéod
Preceded by
Fram Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Léod
TA 2001 - TA ?


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