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Formenos by LuisFBejarano
Background Information
Type Fortress
Location Northern Valinor
Ruler Fëanor
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants House of Fëanor
Spoken Languages Quenya
Lifespan YT 1490 – 1495[1]

Formenos was the stronghold city of the House of Fëanor in the hills north of Valinor in Aman.[2]


After the banishment of Fëanor from Tirion, he and his seven sons went north of Valinor and fortified Formenos. Some of the Ñoldor, including their King Finwë, went with Fëanor. In Formenos, they spent twelve Valian Years (about fifty years of the Sun) in exile.

It was also home to the treasury of Fëanor where he kept the three Silmarils in a chamber of iron. Melkor slew Finwë at the doors of Formenos, before stealing the jewels which led to the Darkening of Valinor.[3]


Formenos is a Quenya word that means "Northern fortress", from formen ("north") and ost ("fortress").[4][5]

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