The article is on the pool just below Henneth Annûn. For the chapter in The Two Towers (novel) see: The Forbidden Pool.

The Forbidden Pool in The Two Towers (film).

"Far below them they saw the white waters pour into a foaming bowl, and then swirl darkly about a deep oval basin in the rocks, until they found their way out again through a narrow gate, and flowed away, fuming and chattering, into calmer and more level reaches." --The Two Towers

The Forbidden Pool was a basin of water created by the waterfall that concealed one of the two entrances into the hiding place of the rangers of Ithilien.[1]


The Gondor rangers of Henneth Annûn fiercely protected the secrecy of their refuge. Anyone who came to Henneth Annûn unbidden was to be killed, and this pool was deemed one of the boundaries. Gollum, searching for fish, chanced to find the pool by accident, but was spared death thanks to his master, Frodo Baggins.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

It was revealed in the appendices of the film that the water used for the pool reacted with the acrylic paints on the bottom, so they had to use chemicals to reduce foaming.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Verbode Swembad
Albanian Pishina e ndaluar
Arabic بركة ممنوع
Armenian արգելվում է լողավազան
Azerbaijani Qadağan hovuz
Bengali নিষিদ্ধ পুল
Bosnian Zabranjenog bazena
Bulgarian Cyrillic Забранени басейн
Catalan Prohibida Piscina
Chinese 禁游泳池
Croatian Zabranjenog bazena
Czech Zakázaný bazén
Danish Den Forbudte Dam
Dutch Verboden Zwembad
Estonian Keelatud bassein
Finnish Kielletty lampi
French Le Lac Interdit
Italian Stagno Proibito
Japanese 禁じられたプール
Galician Lago Prohibido
Georgian აკრძალული აუზი
German Verbotener Weiher
Greek Απαγορευμένη πισίνα
Haitian Creole Entèdi rezèvwa dlo
Hebrew בריכה אסורה
Hindi निषिद्ध पूल
Hungarian Tiltott medence
Icelandic Forboðna Laug
Indonesian Kolam Terlarang
Kannada ನಿಷೇಧಿತ ಪೂಲ್
Korean 금지 된 풀
Latvian Aizliegta baseins
Lithuanian Uždraustasis baseinas
Luxembourgish Verbueden Basseng
Macadonian Cyrillic Забранетиот базен
Malay Kolam yang dilarang
Maltese Projbit pool
Marathi निषिद्ध पूल
Mongolian Cyrillic хориотой сан
Nepalese वर्जित पूल
Norwegian Den forbudte kulp
Pashto ممنوعه حوض
Persian استخر ممنوع
Polish Zakazanych basen
Portuguese (Brazil) Lago Proibido
Punjabi ਪਾਬੰਦੀ ਪੂਲ
Romanian Heleșteul Neîngânduit
Russian Запретный бассейн
Serbian Забрањени Базен (Cyrillic) Zabranjeni Bazen (Latin)
Sinhalese තහනම් තටාකය
Shona Rambidzwa Dziva
Sindhi حرام پول
Slovak Zakázané bazén
Slovenian Prepovedano bazen
Spanish (Spain and Latin America) Estanque Vedado
Sudanese Dilarang kolam renang
Swahili Bwawa Haramu
Swedish Förbjudna Bassäng
Tamil தடை செய்யப்பட்ட பூல்
Telugu ఫర్బిడెన్ పూల్
Thai สระว่ายน้ำที่ต้องห้าม
Turkish Yasak Havuz
Ukrainian Cyrillic Заборонене басейн
Urdu حرام پول
Vietnamese Hồ bơi bị Cấm
Welsh Pwll Gwaharddedig
Yiddish פאַרבאָטן פּול

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  2. The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, Book Four, Chapter VI: "The Forbidden Pool"

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