The Flood that costs 25 power points in LOTR BFME II

The Flood, Flood of Bruinen or Elven Flood was a mass of Water in the shape of Horses at the Ford of Bruinen. It can wash out enemies as was done by Elrond when he released it.

Films and Video gamesEdit

Flood 2

The Flood of Bruinen washing at the Ringwraiths in the film

It appears in Fellowship of the Ring where Arwen at the Ford of Bruinen calls The Flood to washed out The Nazgul's horses.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth (Xbox360/PC)Edit

The Flood can be used only for the Elven faction to crush your enemies. It cost 25 power points (Same as Good Camapin and Skirmish). Arwen can also use a smaller version of this power, but it still does heavy damage to buildings and units.

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