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Fish in the New Line Cinema Film

Fish were animals of rivers, springs, lakes, and the Great Sea. Gollum loved to eat fish. He called them juicy sweet as he devoured them, usually raw. Sam Gamgee referred to him as disgusting, preferring cooked food. He ate fish all throughout the journey. Even when Faramir and his host of men captured them and wanted the One Ring, Gollum started eating a fish at the Forbidden Pool, though he was unaware of the price of entering the pool. Hobbits also love fish, but it can be assumed that Gollum ate more fish than all of them combined. In the New Line Cinema film An Unexpected Journey, Bilbo Baggins had prepared himself fried fish for supper, however the dish was ultimately consumed by a hungry Dwalin.

As in the real world, there were likely many different species of fish in Middle-Earth, such as Trout in the rivers, Salmon in the sea, Pike in large lakes, and Flounder by the beaches. The fish which Gollum caught in his cave was a catfish.

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