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First Battle of Carn Dûm

Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: Approximately, TA 1300
Place: Ruins of ancient fortress of Carn Dûm
Outcome: Decisive Witch-King's victory
*Angmar *Black Númenóreans;
*Witch-King of Angmar *Unnamed Black Númenórean commander
600 Hill-trolls

450 Snow Trolls 300 Wargs

800 Black Númenóreans

700 Gundabad Orcs

600 Trolls and Wargs 400 Black Númenóreans

550 Orcs

The First Battle of Carn Dûm was the first battle during the Fall of Arnor, where Witch-King defeated Black Númenóreans and founded the Realm of Angmar.


The Battle started when Witch-king of Angmar and Morgomir met Rogash and helped him defeat his foe's soldiers. After they have taken over control of some Trolls they have stopped the war between the Snow Trolls and Hill-trolls and eventually destroyed the Black Númenórean sentry on Imlad Balchorch. Then they have launched attack on three Carn Dûm foundations and cleared building site of any opposition. Angmar have defeated one-third of its enemies so far. After some weeks combined forces of Black Númenórean and Gundabad Orcs attacked Carn Dûm. Battle took place in craggy cirques of Urugarch, where strong and fast Trolls' hordes had the advantage over big and hard-maneuverable army of Evil Men. Black Númenóreans have quickly gone under the Witch-king of Angmar army and lost half of the army. In the face of superior in numbered forces of Trolls they've surrendered and became the Witch-king's slaves.


This battle is non-canonical thus meaning it did not happen in the books. It is only depicted in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king.