The Fire-drake of Gondolin, also called the Beast of Gondolin, was a dragon-related beast who participated during the Fall of Gondolin in FA 510.[1]


He arrived over the western walls of Gondolin, carrying Balrogs upon his back. During the ensuing chaos, Ecthelion and Tuor were confronted by the Urulóki and it almost trampled on them. Tuor then hewed the foot of the beast. The fire-drake was said to have sprouted flames and screamed, and he lashed his tail and killed many Orcs and Gondothlim in his agony. Thus, Tuor and Ecthelion were able to escape the beast.[1]


John Howe - Morgoth's Forces before Gondolin
John Howe's depiction of Morgoth's Fire-drakes and Balrogs
Howe gondolinNZ
The Siege of Gondolin, by John Howe


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