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This article is about the High Elf. For the lady of Dol Amroth, see Finduilas of Dol Amroth.


Finduilas Faelivrin by ariaofthewind
Finduilas Faelivrin, by ariaofthewind


Biographical information

Other names
Princess of the Ñoldor, Princess of Nargothrond
Date of birth
Unknown, YT ? or FA ?
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled
None; betrothed to Gwindor but never married.

Physical description

Hair color
Eye color

Finduilas was a beautiful Ñoldor elf princess of the First Age, the daughter of Orodreth, ruler of the hidden realm of Nargothrond, and the grandniece of Galadriel.


Finduilas' date of birth and birthplace is unknown, but being the child of Orodreth she had both the blood of the Ñoldor and the Falmari, the Teleri of Aman, and belonged to both the House of Finarfin and the House of Olwë. In Middle-earth she lived in Nargothrond with her father Orodreth under the rule of Finrod Felagund. She was betrothed to Gwindor, who named her Faelivrin, which means the gleam of the Sun on the pools of Ivrin.[1]

In 473 of the First Age, Gwindor was captured during the Nírnaeth Arnoediad (Battle of Unnumbered Tears) by Morgoth, and when he returned in FA 490 he came with a companion who called himself Agarwaen son of Umarth (the Bloodstained, son of Ill-Fate). Unbeknownst to Finduilas, this was actually Túrin, son of Húrin. Despite her old feelings for Gwindor, Finduilas fell in love with Túrin, but Túrin refused her in respect for his friend. Gwindor realized this, and revealed Túrin's name to Finduilas and tried to let Túrin fall in love with Finduilas, since he realized Finduilas loved Túrin instead of him.[1]

After the failure of the Battle of Tumhalad, Glaurung and an army of orcs sacked Nargothrond. Gwindor was slain and when Túrin returned to Nargothrond he was caught in a trance by the dragon who spoke to him of his kin in Hithlum, rendering him deaf to the cries of Finduilas as a party of orcs dragged her past him as a captive intended for Angband.

Glaurung's deceit caused Túrin to abandon Finduilas and instead go to Hithlum in search of his kin. By the time he finally went to search for Finduilas she was dead, for she had been killed when the orcs guarding her were waylaid by the Haladin of Brethil at the Crossings of Taeglin. Before their defeat the orcs had killed all their captives, nailing Finduilas to a tree with a spear. The people of Haladin buried her in a mound they called Haudh-en-Elleth, Mound of the Elf Maiden.[1][2]


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