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"Fuel to the fire!"
Felgrom model

Felgrom - As portrayed in GoMe

Felgrom was the character created from LOTR: Two Towers which blows up the sewer grate to achieve entrance into Helms Deep. Warner Bros. elaborated upon the character, giving him a name and he is playable as a Tactician in their game: Guardians of Middle-earth. He is a suicide bomber, with several Orcish explosives strapped to his back.


A ticking timebomb – always moving, always running – Felgrom is as freakishly insane as he is deadly. Proficient in the use of many types of explosives, Felgrom and his kin are the vanguard of a company of soldiers of Mordor, accustomed to instilling fear in their opponents. They all delight in the prospect of their own demise, knowing that the damage they inflict on the enemies of the Dark Lord is worth the price of their own insignificant lives. Felgrom in particular is eager to leap into a crowd of enemies and engulf them in flames, allowing the madness that consumes him to destroy them as well.

In Guardians of Middle-earthEdit

In Guardians of Middle-earth', he is a Tactician, unlockable with $5,000 in-game coin. His abilities are:

Lob! Area ranged attack with Damage and Stun

Trap! Explosive trap with Damage and Knockup

Burn! Trades Damage to Enemies for loss of Health

Ka-boom! Sacrifice self to destroy Enemies


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